Upcoming Exhibitions

July 19 to 21 Parallax  Art Fair Kensington Town Hall  Aug. 17 to 25th. Hampshire Open Studio.

Past Exhibitions

2018 Dublin Art Source RDS Nov 8 – 11.

2018 Petersfield Physic Garden Dec 13 -18.

2018 Hampshire Artists Co-op Exhibition, Stockbridge, Oct 5 – 10.

2017 Dublin Art Source RDS Nov.

2016 November. Art Source RDS Dublin. 11-13th November.

2016 October. Oxmarket Chichester. 25th October – 6th November.

2015 Oct. Oxmarket Chichester

2014 Dec. Selbourne Gallery Guest Artist, Hants

2013 Noah’s Ark. Orleans Gallery Richmond, London

2013 Nov. Art Source RDS Dublin.

2012 Nov. Christmas Exhibition Selbourne Gallery, Hants

2012 Nov. Art Source, Dublin RDS

2012 Sept. Cornish Print Exhibition Falmouth

2012 April. Art Monaco, 2012.

2011 Nov. Jane Fuest Gallery Alresford, Hants.

2011 Nov. Mosaic Commission St. Catherines  Jnr. School, Guildford, Surrey. 2011

2011 Nov Irish Art Fair. Dublin

2011 Private Commissions.

2010 Nov. Art Fair, RDS Dublin

2010 Autumn. Making it, Faking it.Orleons Gallery, Twickenham. UK

2009 Nov Art Fair. RDS Dublin

2009 April Kunst in Rotterdam

2008 Art Ireland, Dublin, November

2007 Interior design and artwork for house in South Africa

2006 Art consultations, site specific art and photography

2006 Aldburgh Gallery, Aldburgh, Suffolk, August

2006 Serena Hall Gallery , Southwold, Suffolk

2006 Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, March

2005 Private Commission  Hull, November

2005 Kunst Event in Ahoy,  Rotterdam, October2005 Rosvik Gallery, Wiltshire, October

2005 Serena Hall Gallery, Suffolk

2004 Art Ireland, Dublin, November

2004 Aldeburgh Gallery, Alderburgh, Suffolk, August

2004 Private Commissions  in London  & U.S.A., May

2003 Queenstown Gallery, Queenstown Road, Battersea, May

2003 Private Commissions South Africa

2002 “Mission” Wimbledon School Of Art, July

2002 Art Ireland, Dublin, November

2002 Aldeburgh cinema Gallery, ‘Coasting the  Sublime’, August

2002 Echibite at “Fish” St Albans, Herts, March-June

2001 Collyer Bristow Gallery, Christmas Exhibition, December

2001 Morley Gallery, Waterloo, London. Small Print Exhibition, December

2001 Art Ireland, Dublin, November

2001 “Natural Edge”  Basil Street Basement, Knightsbridge, London

2001 “O-Mission” R.K. Burt Gallery Southwark, London, August