Pat Bayzand is a Fine Artist having obtained a B.A. in Fine Art at Farnham College of Art an M.A. in Sculpture and Visual Culture at Bath College of Art and an M.A in Printmaking at Wimbledon school of Art.

In 1996 completed an M.A in Visual Culture & Fine Art Sculpture at Bath College of Art and later an M.A. in Print at Wimbledon School of Art. In 1994 a B.A Hons in Fine art from WSCAD Farnham, Surrey. In 1991  completed  Art Foundation studies at the Reigate School of Art. Pat continues to investigate work in both the mediums of print and oil paint and this website shows a selection of her work.

Pat continues to investigate work in  the mediums of acrylics, oil paint and print. Acknowledging everyday life by her Still Life painting.  Her oils mostly  relating to environmental issues with the everchanging landscape and the lack of peace and space. Her ideal quote being ‘where earth meets sky’. Her work is a mixture of abstraction and impressionism.